Sunday, July 8, 2007

Missing our friends

Do you remember being a kid and missing your friends during the summer when everyone was on a different schedule and people went on vacation? Well that is where we are right now in the Upton home...we miss our friends the Mortons. We've grown so accustomed to them being a part of our lives that when they are gone, we miss them terribly...and I'm not just talking about Maxwell missing Elizabeth (although he does miss her).

Call us the "Morton Fan Club" if you will, but we are ready for them to be back in town so we can see them more regularly. Mexican food just loses its flavor when you don't have good friends to share it with and, although we haven't been to the pool with them yet, time at the pool tonight with all our other friends just didn't feel quite right without them there. We loved the time with everyone else, but we sure do miss them.

Come home soon dear friends!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Maxwell's fruit thief friend

If you spend any time with us, you will likely hear us talk about our amazing friends, the Browns (Larry, Lizi, Isaac, Rachel, and Daniel--they have another son, Aaron, who is married to Sarah, but I consider them their "own" family). When we met them in 1999, we became fast friends and our lives have forever been changed by their love, friendship and mentoring.

With Rachel coming to A&M in the fall and Daniel well on his way to becoming a tennis pro, I'm sure you'll see their names mentioned again on this blog. This entry is about Maxwell's adoration of Isaac though.

You see, Isaac and Maxwell have a special bond. Isaac attempted and then succeeded in stealing Maxwell's fruit one time (a grape to be exact) and Maxwell has been hooked ever since. It was inevitable--anyone who would show a love for fruit that matches Maxwell was destined to become his friend. So now, every time we are with Isaac, Maxwell wants him to "steal" some fruit so he can then share it with him.

Isaac is about to move to Washington, DC though so their times for sharing fruit will become a little more sporadic and I know Maxwell will miss those times. We'll miss Isaac, too, and wish him the very best in the next season of his life!