Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Maxwell's Music...

If you ever ride in the car with us, specifically with Maxwell, you will discover that he always has an opinion about what song/music should be playing. And he always wants music playing! If he rides in someone else's car, he always asks for his favorite songs, too (whether you have the song on CD or not!).
His favorite songs include "Light of the World" and "Be Blessed" (aka "Knees to the Earth" - his titles don't always match the actual song title) by Mrs. Christy (Christy Nockels of Watermark), "The Bear Song" ("How Can I Keep From Singing") by Mr. Chris (Tomlin), and a number of songs off of 2 different "Hide 'Em In Your Heart" CDs by Steve Green (great for adult and children scripture memory!).

He has also recently discovered our iPod nano and loves to put it on and listen to "Light of the World" over and over again. When are they going to add a repeat button on the iPods? Or is there one on there that I don't know about?!
UPDATE: Thanks to our friend Joyce B., we know where the repeat button is on the iPod--Maxwell thanks you, Joyce!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A baby brother or a baby sister?

The question we have been asking Maxwell since before we even knew we were pregnant has been "Do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?" For a while, he would say he wanted a baby brother one time and a baby sister the next time. After we found out we were pregnant though he has been stuck on having a baby brother.

So when Nanny and Papa came in this weekend and starting asking Maxwell about having a baby sister, he looked at them and said, "Baby sisters are no good...I want a baby brother." As a result, they made it their mission to help him be okay with having a baby sister. Yesterday we had our ultrasound and this time decided to find out the gender of the baby. So now when you ask Maxwell whether her is having a baby brother or baby sister, he will tell you that he is having a baby sister. The only problem with that is that the ultrasound says he is having a baby brother. Go figure!