Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Ideas

I don't know about you, but when I have what I think is a "good idea" one of two things happens:
1. I second guess myself and never take action on my "good idea" because I think someone else has already had that idea; or
2. I get ready to take action on my "good idea" and discover that someone else has already had the same idea and actually done something with it.

The second option is how it is with my latest idea--writing letters to our two boys, our baby on the way, and my beautiful wife. Apparently there is a book out there called Letters from my Dad or something along those lines and there is a "movement" of men who are writing letters to their families. For me, the idea originated when we celebrated the life of a dear friend who went to be with Jesus a week and a half ago after a 7 year fight with brain cancer. I want my children to know who I am, but more importantly I want them to know about the great God I serve and strive to teach them to serve. I also want to do a better job of updating this blog (I know I've been terrible at that!) so I have our stories recorded for our family.

So for the 2 of you who read this, here is my request. Please pray for me that I am able to keep this blog updated and that I am able to make time to write to my children and wife. Oh, and you can also pray that I am able to lead my family, too! I may attempt a "catch up" post soon, but for now, we'll start with the here and now. More to come soon!  --Matt