Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Uptons!

A little Christmas song for your enjoyment--Merry Christmas from our family to you!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My baby's blue eyes

These days Miller is too busy crawling to let us get too many pictures of him. Usually he is trying to crawl to us, wanting to get the camera from us and put it in his mouth. Really, have you seen him lately? I don't think he needs to eat our camera. Looks to me like he is getting plenty to eat.

Here he is trying to eat Maxwell's jingle bells. I am glad Maxwell was out with daddy during this photo shoot!

We have spent two weeks trying to get a picture of both boys together for our Christmas card, but since our camera is somewhat slow, we haven't captured anything, but today, I got him. Nothing Christmas card worthy, but look at those baby blues! And those lashes...I am so jealous!

This last picture I actually got as he was trying to crawl up my lap to get the camera. Little stinker...cute, but a stinker nonetheless.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Squishy Eyes

Today I sent Maxwell outside to play because he needed to burn off some energy and was driving me crazy inside. After being outside for barely 5 minutes, he came to the door and said, "Mommy, I have to come inside" to which I asked, "Why?"

With all seriousness, he looked at me, pointed to his squinted eyes and said, "The sun's so bright it's making my eyes squishy." I tried to find his sunglasses to keep him outside, but couldn't find them. Within a few minutes of me starting to feed Miller, he was back inside with his shoes off. Blasted squishy eyes!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ummm, George, It's Snowing Outside

For those of you who live in the Bryan/College Station area, you are probably tired of hearing about the surprise weather we had today, but for those of you who don't live here, read on!

This morning we woke up and Maria said, "It's cold in here". For whatever reason, that made me think to look out the window and much to my surprise, we had snow/sleet on the ground. We quickly got Maxwell bundled up, I threw on jeans and a jacket, and we ran outside to play in the light dusting of snow we received in the early morning hours. Maxwell loved throwing snowballs and even said, "Daddy, I'm throwing snowballs like Curious George!" and "Now I want to go sledding like Curious George". I told him we couldn't go sledding because there wasn't enough snow and we don't have a sled. Here is a picture of our early morning fun that we thought was over when everything melted. Then about 3 PM, Maria woke Maxwell up from his nap because it was snowing (enough to see that it was snowing) and that began our 5 hour playday in the snow! Since snow is such a rarity around here, I even came home early from work so we could all play together. Rae Rae also came over (she finished finals today AND it was her 21st birthday) and played with Maxwell in the backyard. While we were playing, the flakes just kept getting bigger and bigger, and the snow actually started accumulating on the ground. We ate dinner, went for a drive to see Christmas lights in the snow, and then came home to build Maxwell's first snowman. Our friends Sherman and Rachel Watters also stopped by and Sherman helped Maxwell and me build the snowman and a baby snowman to go with it. The slideshow below gives a snapshot of the 5 hours of fun in the snow!