Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vultures and an iPod

During our morning activities today, Maria had two funny conversations with Maxwell:

While getting dressed this morning, Maxwell came in and asked if he could listen to his iPod (it is a shuffle and it was a gift so no judging why my 5 year old has an iPod!). Here is the conversation that followed:
Maria: "Maxwell, what is it called? Is it a wePod or an usPod?"
Maxwell: "No mommy."
Maria: "Then what is it called?"
Maxwell: "An iPod."
Maria: "So do we listen to our iPod when we are doing things together as a family?"
Maxwell: "No ma'am."
Maria: "That's right...that is why it is an iPod, not a wePod or an usPod...and we only listen to our iPod when we are having time alone."
Background for the story: I've worked in an ICU before and have seen many things people consider gross in my life, but for whatever reason, there are two things that I don't do well with - roadkill and vultures. Read on and the story will take on a new meaning.

After I left for work, Maria was taking the boys to run some errands and they passed a deer stand that a neighbor has sitting in his driveway. Maxwell asked Maria why it had windows and a door (my dad hunts, too so he is familiar with deer stands, he just hasn't seen one with a door and windows) and Maria was explaining to him that it is used when you go hunting.
Maxwell: "Yeah, mommy and you can shoot deer and pigs when you go hunting."
Maria: "Yes, that's right."
Maxwell: "...and cows."
Maria: "Well, we don't hunt or shoot cows, because we can get meat from the grocery store."
Maxwell: "Well, you can shoot vultures, too."
Maria: "Yes, but no one would want to eat vultures."
Maxwell:  "...but I can shoot all of the vultures and I am going to do that for daddy for Valentine's Day because he doesn't like them."

Isn't that so sweet? He is going to kill all of the vultures for me as a (late) Valentine's Day present (do you have a mental picture of just how sweet that is?!). That's my boy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So funny it made me cry...or maybe I'm just really tired

I have heard this comedian's "Chick-fil-A Song" which is hilarious, but then I found this link and it mae me laugh so hard I cried. Enjoy!

Tim Hawkins' Scary Bedtime Prayers

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thank you so much daddy

Miller was being particularly sweet and funny today. At dinner time, we were all done except for him and he started making these hilarious faces as he ate. Of course, we all laughed and, being a typical child/person, he started really hamming it up. At the end, he and Maxwell got a special treat and we gave them both some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream (you have to include the full name to get the full effect of how good it was, right?!). I gave both of the boys their bowl of ice cream and Miller said, "thank you so much daddy". When I put him in bed tonight after rocking him and singing some songs, he said it again, "thank you so much daddy". You have to love that!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Competition and contentment

This weekend we had some friends over for the Super Bowl and at the end of the night, I was in helping Maxwell and the other kids clean-up his room and I heard one of the other kids say to Maxwell, "your room is really little" to which Maxwell replied, "no it isn't!" I quickly diffused the competition by reminding the other child that his room used to be small before his family moved into their current home. While going to bed last night, I told Maria this story and said that I didn't think there was anything to it, but that I was surprised by the conversation. Since she spends all day with the boys and other kids she pointed out that at this age, this form of competition is their way to one-up each other. As you might imagine, she also said that it is hard to stay on top of this with kids, but that she and our other friends do try to watch for that.

This afternoon, Maria and the boys went over to our friends, the Coles, house to play. Maria said that she heard Maxwell and Paxson talking to each other throughout the day along the lines of "my toy/item/project is better than yours". At one point she jumped into the conversation and told them that she didn't want to hear them trying to one-up each other, but rather wanted them to encourage each other. Fast forward to them while they were building houses with legos. Maxwell looked over at Paxson and said, "Paxson, your house is awesome" to which Paxson said "thank you". Maria then asked Paxson what he should say to Maxwell. Paxson replied with, "Maxwell, your house is super great!" I can just hear the two of them trying to encourage each other and I had to chuckle.

All of this made me think though. What makes us want to one-up each other? Why does it matter if my house/car/toy is bigger or better? In what ways do I try to one-up my friends and in what ways do I lack contentment because I think someone else has something better than me? We tell our boys, and especially Maxwell since he is older, that people are more important than things, but does my life demonstrate that to our kids and those around me? The truth of God's Word really hits home at a time like this (on top of the conversations replayed above, we are trying to sell our current home to buy something bigger and with a room we can dedicate to homeschooling) - Matthew 6:25, "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?" I pray our lives show contentment more than competition, but sometimes I'm just not sure.  

Monday, February 8, 2010 me obey

This morning Maxwell was doing some of his school work and Miller was having a hard time being patient. Miller desperately wanted to color and Maria kept telling him (4-5 times over a 10-15 minute period) that as soon as Maxwell was done with his school work, they could all color a picture. Before Maria realized what he was doing, Miller sat down in one of the chairs at the kitchen table, put his head down on his arm and said, " me obey". Maria didn't understand him at first so she asked him what he said and, again, he put his head down and said, " me obey". I continue to be amazed at how much he absorbs and picks up on, just by watching...Jesus, help me obey so my kids have an example of obedience!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So 2 days ago I posted a brief synopsis of our summer and all that had gone on since my last post at the end of May. The next night while we were laying in bed, Maria did her best to gently correct my recollection of the summer. I could tell she didn't want to discourage me from writing so she started out with a compliment that went something like this, "I'm glad you are blogging again and I enjoyed reading your post today...(short pause), but you didn't quite get the timeline correct."

I countered with a recollection of the timeline as I recalled it and, in the end, had to concede that she was correct (I have to do that a lot!). Maxwell didn't get really sick until July 4 (when we had to take him to the ER after an on again, off again ear infection that got pretty bad). The next week was when we decided he needed surgery and we were in recovery mode until the middle to end of July. So, you may ask, what did we do at the beginning of the summer?

Apparently we had a blast and I tend to focus on the negative aspects of our summer in my memory. Seriously though, Maxwell took 2 weeks of swimming lessons through the city and then another 2 weeks from our friend, Susan Myers, who teaches survival swimming. Miller also took lessons from Susan and both boys made great progress...until the sicknesses took over and apparently consumed our lives and my memory. Thankfully, we all survived and recovered and the record has been set straight. I still haven't figured out how I completely forgot all the good stuff that we experienced--I'm usually the one who is optimistic and positive. Why didn't my memory follow this time?  --Matt

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mood swings and stairs

What is it about little boys (maybe it is children in general, but my experience is only with boys) and their mood swings? They go from happy, happy, joy, joy, to meltdown mayhem in a matter of minutes.

Maxwell had Kindermusik today and I watched one of the other little boys in his class have a minor meltdown (all the while thanking the Lord that it wasn't Maxwell this time--trust me, he has had his fair share). Then I met Maria to look at a house (another post for another day) and Miller was thrilled to see first. After a tour of the house, Maria started talking to our real estate agent, the one and only Pat Poston, he started crying and reaching for Maria as though I had just pinched him or something. I gave him to Maria and he kept fussing so I took him back and walked away so they could continue talking. He then started the all out crying fit while going limp in my arms. I just don't get the mood swings, but I must admit that there are times I want to throw myself on the ground and throw a good fit when things aren't going my way.

Speaking of houses, Maxwell loves it when we look at a two story home. Today when they drove up (I met them there from work) Maria told me that he said, "I knew it! I knew it! I knew this house was going to have stairs and look--it does!" I just love how excited they get over small things--I would probably just throw a fit about having to go up the stairs. --Matt

Monday, February 1, 2010

Catching up

So this is my attempt at catching up on our lives in our blog--I know I won't remember everything, but I do want to record some things.

The Summer
Whew! The summer had some high points, but part of the reason I quit blogging is because it just got a bit crazy around here. Maxwell had an ear infection in early June and one thing lead to another before we decided to have his tonsils and adenoids taken out. So the latter half of June was filled with Maxwell recovering from surgery. Thankfully the surgery was a success and not only did it help Maxwell feel better, but we saw an improvement in his sleep patterns, too.

After rescheduling vacation from the beginning of July (due to Maxwell just recovering), we finally made it  to Sea World at the beginning of August. What an amazing time we had there! We don't have digital pictures of our trip yet (no, we haven't developed the waterproof film camera we bought!), but we had a great time. The highlight of the trip was feeding the dolphins (at least that was what I think was the highlight).

We came back from vacation to find out I had jury duty 2 weeks before the fall semester began and, you guessed it, I was selected for the jury (felony murder, no less). Jury duty lasted for 6 days and I went back to work the Monday before the fall semester began--right into the middle of our new student orientation (that I plan and oversee).

At the beginning of August, we also found out that we were expecting baby #3. The next few weeks revealed that something wasn't quite right though and on Thursday (3 days after I got off of jury duty) our wonderful OB/GYN Dr. Davis discovered that the pregnancy was ectopic. His original suspicion was confirmed on Friday morning and Maria was rushed into emergency surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Davis discovered that the pregnancy was ectopic when he did because we were actually about 8 weeks pregnant (we originally thought we were only 4 weeks) and Maria's tube was hemorrhaging and just about to rupture.

As I try to recall the events of the fall, the only one that comes to mind right now is that the Lord has been gracious to heal Maria's body and, as you might have gathered from my previous post, we are expecting again--this time due in early August. I think that should catch us up for now--if I remember anything else I will add it in when I can. --Matt