Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our God is in Control

I put together the slideshow below of Mclaine's birth and subsequent stay in the NICU and then homecoming last week. The slideshow is set to a song by Steven Curtis Chapman, "Our God is in Control", that really helped Maria and I through the fear, frustration, and faith building time while Mclaine was in the NICU and we were away from Maxwell and Miller. If you have or ever do find yourself in a crisis, our prayer is the words to this song will help you through that time, but more importantly that you turn to the Lord Jesus...He is the only way we made it through.



Lamar Ontko said...

I love the slideshow!!

Rich & Lisa said...

What sweet pictures and great song to go with them! Thanks for taking the time to put together the slideshow and share it with us!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thank you for this opportunity to worship Him with you! What a comfort to know He is in control.

Anonymous said...

I love it - thx for sharing! Praise God that y'all are all under one roof now - can't wait to see more updates as the boys grow up.

Jodi Wooten

Weavers said...

Beautiful song... wonderful job documenting Mclaine's journey! You know NICU babies are near and dear to my heart! We celebrate that God IS in control and Mclaine is healed!
D'Nae Weaver

The Lightbodys said...

I had no idea all this had gone on (I guess this is what happens when you move 3 hours away...), but I'm so glad that Mclaine is OK and that your family is back together. I miss your sweet family :)